About Us


Our Mission

To provide a unique customer experience for the African market, through fast delivery, payment options and continuous service innovations.


Who we are

Fako is a product offered by SaFr Solutions Limited, a young and dynamic technology company founded by a small group of African entrepreneurs in January 2020, with the vision of creating a sustainable socio-economic platform for small and medium enterprises as well as individuals looking for additional income.

Fako is headquartered in London, England and operates initially in Ghana within Accra, Kasoa and Tema, with further plans to rollout throughout other major cities in Ghana in 2022. There are additional plans to offer the product as a franchise across neighboring countries in Africa in 2023.


What we do

The platform offers a location-based web and mobile marketplace that enables customers to book courier and food delivery services, as well as a ride hailing service that matches customers with the closest available private vehicle for hire, enabling users to benefit from a wide variety of convenient, comfortable and affordable personal experience.

FAKO’s technology platform connects shops, SMES, Restaurants, cab rides and courier Service Providers in Ghana. The core of all technological advancement in today's world is to help create comfort and convenience services. That's what drives us to do what we do, we CONNECT you to the NEAREST available dispatcher making Things effortless and convenient for businesses all around.


Who we serve


Our Customers -  Get choice, fast delivery times, safety assurance, and value at every price point.

Our Service Providers -  Count on our wide reach, efficiency, and innovation to grow their business, no matter the size.

Couriers/Drivers - Empowered with the flexibility to earn, and the technology that makes their earn-time more efficient.


Our service providers enter into formal agreements with Fako to provide their services via our product to registered customers.


Our Story

A team of Professionals with origins in Africa has for many years been thinking of ways to contribute to the growth of the continent through innovation and technology and to create leveling fields of opportunities for the younger generation through job creation and the prospect of sharing earnings across a wide divide of society. We seek to achieve this by promoting already existing technologies and introducing innovation alongside.


It is our goal that access to convenient shopping and delivery of goods, becomes Simpler, yet Secure and Fast. It is for this reason that FAKO was born. Fako is an idea child of three Africans living in the diaspora who are eager to give back to the African people. Starting with Ghana, the founders carefully picked a dynamic team that has diverse experience in Information technology, digital marketing and a modern way of working.

The team is self-organizing and cross functional and love what they do.